How it’s produced

Landfill Gas

The decomposing waste releases gases such as methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Other gases are also produced in smaller quantities which are very odorous.

The lining system in place in each of the cells at Arthurstown prevents the gas from migrating into the lands surrounding the landfill.
The gas generated within the landfill can then be collected through a series of vents.

These vents are vertical slotted pipes which are placed on a 25m grid.

Gas collection

Gas collection at Arthurstown

The gas collection pipe work can then be connected to the vents and the gas can then be sent either to the Enclosed Flare Unit for combustion or to the Utilisation plant for electricity production. Only landfill gas with a methane content of over 40% can be used in the utilisation plant. The rest of the gas can still be collected but sent to the enclosed flare unit for combustion which will prevent odours.

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