Green Energy

Green Energy at Arthurstown

Gas collection

Landfill gas collection at Arthurstown

Arthurstown Landfill currently is the largest landfill gas to electricity site in the country.

This Green Electricity is returned to the National Grid locally.

Currently Arthurstown Landfill is producing 11,000 m3 of landfill gas per hour.
That is equivalent to approximately 7,500 MWh per month of electricity.
(1,000 kw = 1 MW)

So How much electricity does it take to boil a kettle?

Obviously depends on how many litres of water. Mine holds up to 1.7 litres and takes 3KW. If it takes 3 minutes ( 1/20 of an hour) to boil that’s 3/20 of a KWh, = 0.15 KWh or 150 watts.

Bioverda Ltd are the company contracted by South Dublin County Council to convert the landfill gas to electricity.

Approximately 4.8 million tonnes of decomposing waste is responsible for producing the methane that can produce electricity.

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