What is a Landfill?

A Landfill is when waste is buried in the ground.

What is in a Landfill?


Lining the site at Arthurstown

A modern landfill will be lined before any waste is buried. The Lining System will comprise of a HDPE Liner. (High Density Polyethylene)
The Landfill will be strictly managed and monitored. The Landfill will produce a landfill gas.
All modern landfills will have most or all of the following:
Lined Cells, Surface Water and Groundwater Drainage Systems, Leachate Collection Systems, Leachate Treatment Plants, Landfill Gas Collection Systems, Landfill Gas Flare Units, Landfill Gas Utilisation Plants, Environmental Monitoring Infrastructure, Odour Control Systems, Dust Control, Noise Control, Bird Control and experienced management staff.

Waste? What is Waste?

Waste is anything that you throw out of your house and place in your black /Grey bins. Waste received at Arthurstown is waste that cannot be recycled.

What is Leachate?

Leachate is the name given to the liquid that is formed when rain water mixes with waste. It can be very harmful to the surrounding environment i.e. local ground waters and rivers and streams. That is why at Arthurstown it is collected and treated onsite.

What is Landfill Gas?

Landfill Gas is the gas that is produced from the decomposing waste in a landfill. The landfill gas is made of the following: Methane 55%, Carbon Dioxide 40%, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulphide and other compounds 5%. It is also the main cause of odours from landfills.

How long was Arthurstown open for?

Arthurstown opened during October 1997 when the first bales were placed.
It was open for 13 years.

How much waste is in Arthurstown?

The Landfill at Arthurstown holds 4.8 million tonnes.
The maximum received in any one year was during 2006 when the tonnage reached 591,755 tonnes. The maximum allowed by our EPA Waste License is 600,000 tonnes per annum.

How much waste is produced at my home?

According to the EPA website, the amount of municipal waste generated per capita per annum has been reducing since 2006 and is reported as 729 kg per capita in 2008.

When will Arthurstown Close? & Why?

Arthurstown closed on the 21st December 2010.
The reason for this is that the planning permission from Kildare County Council to continue land-filling at Arthurstown expires on this date.

What happens to the landfill when it is closed?

When Arthurstown closes its gates to waste, the Landfill then must be Final capped. This will take approximately 2 years after closure to complete the Final Capping Works.
The site will continue to be managed and monitored for 30 years after closure in compliance with its waste license closure and aftercare requirements.

What can the landfill be used for when closed?

There are no definite plans for use of the landfill after closure just yet.
A probable outcome may be grazing lands.

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