Remediation Contract

Remediation of Former Waste Disposal Site

Arthurstown Landfill Aerial North to South

Arthurstown Landfill Aerial North to South

Before any landfill construction took place, the Council were instructed by the Planning Authority to remediate an area within the site known locally as “Gavin’s Dump”.

The Council engaged Fehily Timoney Weston as consulting Engineers to design and supervise the construction of remediation measures for the former unauthorised disposal area (remediation contract). Tenders were invited, and the contract was awarded to Pierse Bachy Ltd who commenced work in November 1996.

The remediation project was designed to comply with the requirements of the Planning Permission. The works consisted of:

  • a “cut off” wall comprising bentonite-cement slurry with a maximum hydraulic conductivity of 1×10-9m/s
  • a gas collection and venting system
  • a groundwater /leachate collection system to maintain the water table 1 metre below the base of deposited waste
  • a grassed capping layer incorporating:
    -VLDPE membrane to prevent rainfall infiltration and to aid gas collection
    -surface water run-off system
    -erosion control fabric

Remediation Project – Principal Quantities:

Bentonite Slurry Wall

  • Width: 600mm
  • Depth: 20 m (max)
  • Length: 970 lin.m


  • Cut & Fill: 360,000 cu.m
  • Imported Granular Fill (Gas Collection Blanket): 13,500 cu.m
  • 45,000 sq.m VLDPE Membrane

Additional Data

  • Gabions: 1,000 sq.m
  • Geotextile: 95,000 sq.m
  • 4 No. Groundwater Collection Pts
  • 22 No. Gas Venting Columns
  • Contract Value: €3.3m (IR£2.6m)
  • Contractor: Pierse Bachy
  • Consulting Engineer: Fehily Timoney Weston
  • Works Duration: Dec 1996 to July 1997
  • Contract Type: Traditional
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