Landfill Stages

Design and Development of Arthurstown Stage 1 (Cells 1-4)

Arthurstown Landfill Aerial - Phase 3 Operational facing north

Arthurstown Landfill Aerial - Phase 3 Operational facing north

Because the need to develop new landfill void space was urgent, the development of Arthurstown Landfill Stage 1 was carried out under a Design and Construct Contract. A restricted Procedure tendering format was applied and the contract was awarded to Pat Mulcair, Civil Engineering. Work commenced in January 1997.

The development consisted of:

  • four landfill cells lined with 2.5mm fully welded HDPE liner on 1 metre of engineered clay with a hydraulic conductivity of 1 x 10-9 m/s
  • leachate collection/treatment and landfill gas control systems
  • groundwater and surface water collection systems
  • ancillary structures, including weighbridges/site offices/staff facilities
  • environmental monitoring systems including:
    – waste input – noise
    – void utilisation – dust
    – stability – gas
    – groundwater – leachate
    – surface water meteorological data
  • vehicle marshalling yard and fuelling/services area
  • landscaping, fencing and restoration

The base formation level of the landfill Stage 1 cells lies below the natural water table level on the site. As a result, it was necessary to install a groundwater interception system to maintain an artificial water table below the level of the clay component of the landfill lining system. The original Planning Permission specified this requirement, which applies also to Stages 2, 3 and four. The groundwater collection system was extended progressively, in line with the construction of each landfill Stage.

During the construction of Stage 1 and subsequent Stages a comprehensive Construction Quality Assurance validation system was implemented to ensure the quality of the lining system. The validations were carried out by a CQA from each contractor, and were based on independent CQA procedures used by SDCC.

Waste deliveries to the newly constructed Arthurstown Landfill Stage 1 cells commenced in October 1997.

Landfill Stage 1 Development – Principal Quantities

  • No. of Cells: 4
  • HDPE Membrane: 80,000 sq.m
  • General Earthworks: 750,000 cu.m
  • Engineered Clay: 70,000 cu.m
  • Drainage Layer: 30,000 cu.m
  • Fencing: 8,000 lin.m
  • Pipework: 5,000 lin.m
  • Concrete: 2,500 cu.m
  • Contract Value: €7.6m (IR£6m)
  • Contractor:  Pat Mulcair Civil Eng. In Association with Fehily Timoney Weston
  • Works Duration: Jan 1997 to May 1998
  • Contract Type: Design & Construct

Development of Arthurstown Stage 2(Cells 5-10)

Following the completion and partial filling of waste to Stage 1 from October 1997 onwards, South Dublin County Council invited tenders, again using the Restricted procedure, for the Design and Construction of Arthurstown Landfill Stage 2. The works comprised mainly the provision of additional landfill voi8d space by developing six (6) additional cells, with a requirement for two (2) of these to be complete by week 25 of the Contract. Further ancillary works were also provided.

Landfill Stage 2 Development – Principal Quantities

  • No. of Cells: 6
  • HDPE Membrane: 96,000 sq.m
  • General Earthworks: 1m cu.m
  • Engineered Clay: 90,000
  • Drainage Layer: 40,000
  • Pipework: 7,000 lin.m
  • Contract Value: €5.7m (IR£4.5M)
  • Contractor: Roadbridge Association Fehily Timoney & Co.
  • Works Duration: Jan 1999 to Sept 2000
  • Contract Type: Design & Construct

Development of Arthurstown Stages 3 & 4 (Cells 11-15)

As void space continued to be filled, the development of landfill Stages 3 and 4 was carried out simultaneously in a similar manner to that employed for Stage 2. Work of the lined area of 27 hectares was completed in January 2.

Landfill Stage 3 & 4 Development – Principle Quantities

  • No. of Cells: 5
  • HDPE Membrane: 110,000 sq.m
  • General Earthworks: 250,000 cu.m
  • Engineered Clay: 101,000 cu.m
  • Drainage Layer: 30,000 cu.m
  • Pipework: 8,000 cu.m
  • Contractor: Roadbridge in Association with Fehily Timoney & Co.
  • Works Duration: Mar 2002 – Feb 2003
  • Contracts Type: Design & Construct
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