Odour Control

Landfill Gas Enclosed Flare Unit (HAASE 2500 m3/hour)

Landfill Gas Enclosed Flare Unit (HAASE 2500 m3/hour)

The facility management staff endeavour at all times to reduce odours and complaints at the facility. The Facility Management Team are on emergency 24 hour call 7 days a week.

A number of odour control techniques are in operation at Arthurstown, namely:

  1. Utilisation plant ( 11 landfill gas engines and 2 no enclosed flares) which is now operating at 11,000 m3/hour (maximum)
  2. 2 no. 2,500 m3 per hour enclosed flares both of which can extract gas from the temporary capped areas in cells 11-15.(Currently on stand-by as all gas is now being utilised.)
  3. Drilling of additional gas extraction wells as directed by the Facility Management Team using a purpose built “DIGGA” auger attachment for a Komatsu PC290-8LC. (see plate 3)
  4. Sacrificial horizontal gas extraction from the active cells.
  5. The landfill is now 80% final capped with a total of 210,000 m2 of final cap laid. Further final capping works are due in Spring/ Summer 2011.
  6. Quarterly independent odour assessments carried out by Odour Monitoring Ireland.(See note below)
  7. The placing of additional clay cover and the drilling of new gas wells in areas deemed suspect by the Facility Management Team. i.e. areas where gas may be leaking through the temporary cap.
  8. The placement of Landfill Covertop 32 , an LDPE membrane. (See plates 4 & 5 below) Extraxction is also taking place from under the Covertop 32.
  9. Partial Capping of the side slopes as per plates 1 & 2 below.

Other methods used in the past include:

  1. The use of the Soil cement. Trialled in an area during the summer 2004. Very weather dependant. Must by dry on application.
  2. Large plastic Hessian sheeting. Sheets were too large to manually handle. Health and Safety issues for the operatives at the workplace rendered this unusable.
  3. Spraying of essential oils to mask the odour from the landfill. This method is still used at the working face only and at the discretion of the Facility Management Team.
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    Testing of the placed Clay Liner at Arthurstown 2 Weighbridges at Arthurstown Arial - Arthurstown Landfill Arial - Arthurstown Landfill