Environmental Monitoring

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Regular environmental monitoring is carried out at Arthurstown

The uncontrolled operation of a landfill facility impacts on the surrounding environment. Arthurstown Landfill is designed using the containment principle, which isolates the waste body from the surrounding land and underlying groundwater. Regular monitoring is carried out at the site to assess the quality of the local environment. The monitoring regime which is specified in the Waste Licence includes requirements for the routine assessment of:

  • groundwater
  • odour
  • leachate
  • dust
  • landfill gas
  • noise
  • surface water

Parameter Frequency

  • Leachate Quality: Quarterly/Annually
  • Groundwater Quality: Quarterly/Annually
  • Private Well: Six monthly/Annually
  • Surface Water Quality: Weekly/Quarterly
  • Gas Flare Emissions: six monthly/Annually
  • Noise Monitoring: Bi Annually
  • Dust Monitoring: 3 times a year

The facility management team both of whom are employees of South Dublin County Council,(the Waste Licence holder for the landfill facility), coordinate site monitoring in accordance with the Waste licence requirements and report to the Environmental Protection Agency. (See Waste License Section for more)

An Annual Environmental Report (AER) that contains specified information required under the Waste Licence is submitted to the EPA. The EPA also conducts compliance monitoring at the site. A summary of external compliance monitoring carried out is presented below.

The automated SCADA system monitors a comprehensive range of site data on interactive trends for display online and/or storage to computer.

Meteorological data is also recorded by the on site weather station in compliance with the Waste Licence.

A final site profile is agreed under the scope of the Planning Permission for the facility and the Waste Licence issued by the Environmental Protection Agency. As the waste levels approach their intended final height, a temporary clay cap is placed to minimise rainfall ingress and fugitive odour emissions prior to the construction of permanent capping. The permanent capping will comprise a gas collection system overlain by an impermeable barrier. Capping soil, which will be planted with restorative vegetation, will cover this barrier. Then this process is completed, the site will return to its original state (as a Green Field Site).

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