Final Capping at Arthurstown

Arthurstown Final Capping

Arthurstown Final Capping

Final capping impermeable (LDPE) barrier overlain by clay and restoration planting-plus a gas collection system beneath impermeable barrier, leachate recirculation systems and surface water collection systems. Cover material is transported to the working area by dumper truck and is placed by excavators. Site topographical surveys are carried out annually to ensure that compliance with required waste and final ground level profiles is achieved.

Currently Arthurstown Landfill is continuing to complete the final capping works with another 25,000 m2 of cap being completed during 2012.

The remaining area of approximately 25,000 m2 will be scheduled for completion towards end of 2013. Watch News and Blog area for updates.

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    View of the Bale Face or Working Face Black Boulder Clay Liner being placed Placing of Baled Waste at Arthurstown ORIG SITE LAYOUT - Arthurstown Landfill