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Arthurstown Landfill

The site is located in the townlands of Arthurstown, Hartwell Upper and Hartwell Lower, approximately 1.6 km south east of Kill, Co. Kildare.

South Dublin County Council owns a total of 67 hectares but the area licensed by the EPA is only 65 hectares to the south of the Arthurstown Road and is used for the landfilling of Baled Household Waste. The total area used for landfilling is 25.4 hectares.

The site is located on land previously used as sand and gravel pits.

The Landfill

The unique aspect of Arthurstown Landfill is that the waste must be baled before being sent to Arthurstown. It is the only Baled Waste Landfill Site in the country. The waste that arrives at Arthurstown has already been treated at one of the four baling centres around Dublin.

Arthurstown Landfill only received waste from the Greater Dublin Area.

The majority of households in the Greater Dublin Area now have a 3 bin system for the disposal of household waste. A Grey/Black Bin for non recyclables, A Green Bin for all recyclable waste and a Brown Bin for all the food and garden waste. Only waste from the Grey/Black bin is disposed of at Landfill.

The Arthurstown Landfill site is designed in accordance with the planning permission and any guidelines issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on landfill design and operation. In fact the EPA has in the past consulted with the facility management team regarding best practice on site.

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